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5 Secret Ingredients Revealed: Boost Your Cocktail Game Now!

Are you cocktail crazy? Are liquors and spirits are your jam? Then there will come a time in your life when being a host will feel like a recreational activity. Just like some people choose art workshops and coffee shops to rewind and retreat, you will want to cook gourmet food, use your finest china, and turn into a mixologist overnight.

While we don’t obviously promote drinking intoxicants, there are occasions and delicacies that require a side of wine or a dash of gin. These are some ingredients for cocktails we’ve shortlisted that have had delicious run-ins with liquor! May you be blessed with the finest bar and accessories.


Usually paired with whiskeys, and more famously in Old Fashioned cocktail, bitters are a concentrated, flavourful and liquid extraction of herbs, barks, roots, flowers and such. We read somewhere that ‘Bitters are like the spice rack of the alcohol world’ and it’s the truest way to describe them. Use them in combinations to unearth new flavours. A drop or two can also be used to balance the sugar, sweet and spice levels of a drink!

Orange Peels

This might be one of the more common one on this list but there’s no way we were going to go on without a shoutout to one of the best! An orange peel cuts through the alcohol, brings in the much desired citrusy flavour and rekindles your palette. Not just that, you can also use it as glass décor by fashioning it in a way and placing it at the bottom of your glass. You can also grate it and get some orange peel shavings to be sprinkled on top your drink!

Hibiscus Essence

A huge chunk of people underestimate the wonders a floral presence can do for your cocktail; don’t be one of those! Invest in the sprightly, super economical hibiscus flower essence and watch your drink transform into a more upgraded version. Add contents basis how concentrated the liquid really is! You will definitely find more of this on the line, if not in your local department store.

Green Tea

The goodness of green tea now in your cocktails! Green tea, especially green mint tea has got to be one of the most invigorating drinks out there, right up with a basic lemon soda. So imagine the flavours when you add it to a basic vodka. If you’re using the tea bag, keep it dipped for not more than 3-4 mins; if you’re using leaves, boil them, let the tea cool and add it with a strainer!

Hot Peppers

Spicy cocktails are drinks with some of the best personalities! They’re like a curry, but of course delicious in different ways. So, it’s time you upgraded from chilli powder rimmed glasses and proceed to something not so amateur-ish. Hot peppers are the new favourite in the market! Muddle them in your glass or treat them to a round of mortar and pestle!

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