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Blush & Pink

Blush & Pink

Pink & Blush For Men AW 2019 Fall Winter

From men can’t wear pink to having the shades and tints of the colour infused into almost all major collections, we’ve come a long way.

The colour would only show up on men’s runways as a conversation piece, a fleeting microtrend or as a dramatic outburst of an opinion. It was ridiculed, bullied and called names. Even the most urban man, secure in his masculinity made excuses for why pink wasn’t sprinting ahead sartorially.

Today, though, we can see pink, blush and all of the variations making massive inroads into the gentlemen’s club.

As society sits up and makes space for non-binary genders, and consequently a more neutral form of dressing, a few hues that were completely absent from men’s wardrobes are now seen frequenting the line-up.  Men are opening their eyes to patriarchy perpetuated taboos and are letting go of their rigid, stoic, desensitised aesthetic.

All the things deemed ‘too girly, too pretty and too frilly’ for the likes of men are now seen as accessories breaking the toxicity of the ‘men don’t emote’ culture. Where earlier pink, fuchsia and blush were used as streaks, offsets and accents, today we are seeing full ensembles in powdery to kitschy shades of pink. Pink is now a statement, an opinion, the signature of the man who allows himself to smudge gender boundaries, is confident without being conceited and is generally an ally of the women-hood.

The boomers might have turned their noses up at such ‘effeminate’ trends, but the Millennials and Gen Zs are aware that gendering an entire colour for about half the population on the planet is just too bizarre a thing to do! Cheers to watching out what this hue is going to bring to the table!

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