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Toxic Taboos: The Many Ways That Patriarchy Plays Men

The toxic taboos that men face in society are oft overlooked, and a direct result of patriarchy too.

When we first started talking about feminism in mainstream media, the dialogue primarily revolved around women. And understandably so! After all, women were the ones coming out of their shells, challenging the status quo. They were the directors, advocates and designers of this revolution.

However, while discussing traumas and sharing grievances we missed out on a whole segment affected by the patriarchy. With inter-sectional feminism as men come out as allies with their own stories and anecdotes, it’s easy to see how toxic masculinity has played a number on this populace too.

Irrational and patriarchal rules such as ‘men don’t cry’, have put a lock on the emotions and sentiments of generations of men! If society has given women unrealistic body-beauty standards, it has also tried to pour masculinity in an unnatural mold. Even today men seeking skin care, wearing colourful clothing or pursuing creative hobbies are shamed and ridiculed. They are all expected to be able to drive, earn more than their (cis) partners, and absolutely have to (have to!) offer to carry bags irrespective of everything.

We have stigmatised balding, but made graying hair desirable. We have stigmatised conversations about sexual health, but conversations about sexual history desirable.

Patriarchy and toxic masculinity has turned men into islands. By taking away their different forms of expression, society has men bottled, thus dehumanising them to a really dangerous point.

With the on-going International Men’s Month we’re noting and tipping our hats to the taboos men face. Raymond as a company has existed since 1925. This means we’ve been privy to all changes dramatic and gradual that society has witnessed. Our product breadth has always made it clear that pushing the boundaries of men fashion and design is at the forefront of our philosophy. From colourful collars & cuffs to paisleys & patterned pockets, we believe in giving our audience the right tools to express themselves.

As Raymond moves to RaymondNext, a digital platform that shelters all brands – Park Avenue, Parx, Ethnix, Raymond RTW, ColorPlus, Park Avenue Woman, Khadi and Next Look – it’s time we had a conversation about how we could smash these #ToxicTaboos!

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