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The 7 Autumn Winter Trends For Men

We’re back with news about everyone’s favourite season! The Autumn Winter Fashion Weeks 2019 for men might have got over in September, but the ensuing results will be seen in the coming few months. From New York, Paris, Milan and London, we’ve rounded up some trends that we saw on the runway!

Now we love decoding fashion weeks but we also know that not everyone, men especially are as fond of or good at donning the latest. So, behold the trends that are easy to access, were quite overlooked and will still make a splash when you decided to chase them down!

Structured Flannel

We’ve all seen flannel being donned by characters in movies when they’re going through a break up or have lost a job, but Autumn Winter 2019 is when things will really start looking up for this fabric/print. Flannel seemed to have lost weight and got quite ripped while at it! Think structured bomber jackets, shoulder pads and well cut fits that really stand out!

Camo Print

The visibility of this invisible cloak doesn’t seem to be taking a halt any time soon! The print that the armed forces have blessed us with, camo made quite a subtle splash in the recently concluded fashion week. Where earlier jackets, duffle bags, and other accessories were all camo everything, this week we saw the print make appearances at random, without warnings and in extremely exclusive spots!

Slides & Mules

We love how the footwear industry has decided to free men from the shackles of Oxfords and the flippancy of flip flops! We’re happy to report that sliders and mules will continue to rule the roost, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a pair that’s more premium. Whether fur inserts and colourful embroideries or minimalist ombres and statement-esque solids are your thing, it’s time to start pairing mules with the best of your formals.

Mustard Yellow Accents

We know we’ve waxed eloquent about how everything from powder pink to kitschy fuschia was THE trend of Autumn Winter Fashion Week 2019. However, the mustard yellow accents too are things we’ve been dying to talk about! Mustard yellow had the time of their life at this fashion ball. They were paired with Cobalts and Indigos and Greys and Blacks.

Fanny Packs

Courtesy Pigalle, Stella McCartney, Dior Men and more, fanny packs will be upgraded and carried over to 2020. These tiny yet functional things were seen gathering steam at runways with none other than pinstripe suits, blazers and other formal suitings. They also changed position, direction and placement. Hopefully this is all the motivation men need to now carry bags of their own.


Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but the fashion world continues to honour him till date. The turtleneck trend blew up in 2016 but died a swift death. This Fall Winter Fashion Week though seemed to have made up its mind of reviving the gorgeous garment. Turtlenecks are fluid, and come in beautiful fabrics and colours. Not just that, they’re perfect to be paired underneath a suit!

Straight Cut Trousers

Long live the tapered-ankle cut trouser trend, but it’s time to retire it for a while. Good news for all the men about to embark on something new and for all the women bored of it, men can finally stop pairing their suit jacket with trousers that taper in an almost unnatural ability! Switch over to straight cut, non-tapering, ankle cut trousers NOW because we’re going to ditch the college silhouette!

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