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Autumn Winter 2019: Direction

The Season

Autumn Winter 2019-2020 moves dynamically towards some likable and surprising fashion mannerisms. It cultivates personal expression and celebrates fantasy with a note of singularity. A fully assumed nonchalance transforms city-wear and drives sportswear. Eco-consciousness goes hand-in-hand with a search for meaning, functional values and a quest for originality. Fabrics, leathers, and accessories give rise to tactile emotions, and decoration is anything but conventional. The collections launch the season with a caring, bold and joyfully inspiring energy.

Autumn Winter 2019: Premiere Vision, Paris

Autumn Winter 19/20 opts for solidity and a tactile and visual abundance, without excess. This season focuses on:

  • Originality as a key differentiating factor.
  • Play with fantasy and imperfect harmonies.
  • Offer clear solutions to move to innovative aesthetics and Eco responsible mechanisms. Fashion and Sustainability should go together.
  • Draw on work-wear and functionality to shake up the noble luxury of materials and shapes.

Autumn Winter 2019: The Colours

It is worth noting that Living Coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year-2019. Pantone talking about the color says:

“Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.”


Autumn Winter 2019 colour range inspires warm and vibrant interplay. Color is expressed in abundance. Tones unfold in harmonious and moving lines, with warms, strong colds, mid-tones and scarce darks. We find the warmth of the russet-tones, the nebulous neutrals, and the virtuous mid-tones that make up for unique and differentiating color combinations. It is a season of cheerfulness, subtlety and of joy.

Fabric Direction

Fabric is increasingly becoming the focus for brands to distinguish themselves and rightly so. Function of the fabric should be a leading factor in design in the modern age.

Suppleness, comfort and fullness are the key words for both Menswear and Womenswear. The key word is casual chic for the season. This is a season for delicate puffy wools, wool blended with performance fibers meant to enhance the all weather fabric, wool paired with finely emerised shirting and such. For a quite a while now, we have seen chenille yarns and other decorative yarns taking the lead in enhancing the fabric surfaces and this will continue. Designers will try to use fancy yarns in different categories and bases.

We see a resurgence of Plaids especially in Menswear and this is a welcome change from the explosion of prints that has dominated the category in recent times. Look to the past and give Checks a modern twist- make ém fluid, blurred and prominent.

Sportswear and workwear functionalities are ingeniously transposed into fashion. I reiterate – function and fashion need to go hand in glove with each other. High quality colouring, fantastical details and accessories augur the arrival of a new masculinity, which is strongresponsible and sensitive.

AW19 is a season of poetry, surprise, sensitivity and it calls for a spark of fantasy. Use this season as an expression of personality, joy and wonder, which is what the customers around the globe are looking for.

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