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7 Commandments For A More Sustainable Living

Rules for sustainable living have gone from switching off lights and fans when not in use to more complex ones.

Sustainability has become important in ways we don’t even know yet. All that needs to be surmised from the debates, the conferences and the summits is that, we must utilise resources in a manner that they’re available for future generations to use.

Where earlier only big brands and companies had carbon footprints, today our own personal footprint has also become equally important. The strain on resources must be unimaginable for us to have reached this level of desperation!

So, in a nutshell, here are 10 commandments you can follow for a less toxic, less cruel existence!

Natural Sleep Pattern

Stick to a natural sleep pattern. In simple words, this translates to going to bed early and rising with the sun. This ensures reducing dependence on lights, tubelights, lamps and bulbs!

Electronic Entertainment

Rather than playing games on your phone, solve games and riddles on paper. Get reading; try your hand at hobbis. Keep yourself entertained ‘non-digitally’, so you’re using fewer resources to charge your batteries!

Car Pool

Needless to say, the world has started frowning down upon solo drivers driving long distances to get to work. Irrespective of your position or your stature, there is just no justification in not caring about your environmental impact anymore. If public transport hurts your timings and timetables, car-pooling is one of the best ways to get to work!

Herb Garden

Herb garden is everything you would use to garnish a dish. Thyme, Mint, Coriander, Curry Leaves are some of the most used herbs in an Indian kitchen. Grow your own rather than depending on others, and utilising natural reserves to that are already depleting! Once you immerse yourself in sustainable living, the amount of water a coriander plant takes up in one life cycle will also become astounding!

Washing Habits

Our washing habits are usually a by-product of the conditioning we’ve been served in childhood. We may not be consciously aware of how much water we’re consuming, but suffice to say, a lot of it is unnecessary. For starters, there’s no reason to wash your denims so frequently, be careful how you or your help does the dishes, and such!


Sustainable living means building a capsule wardrobe as opposed to hoarding clothes and refusing to donate. You are inadvertently giving in to outdated styles and past trends by doing this. Also, believe me, if you’re an aspiring fashionista, you will receive more respect from your peers if you take on the challenge of styling a capsule wardrobe rather than consistent pucrhases. A real fashionista today is impressed with sustainable tactics and not mindless consumerism!

Reuse & Recycle

If you end up buying clohes that don’t fit, or don’t look good, and returning is not an option, fret not. You don’t have to donate them just yet. You can turn them into fabrics, make cushion covers and home décor items out of them. Invest in a sewing machine, it truly makes caring for fabrics much easier and fun!

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