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The 5 Gifts That Will Set You Apart In 2019

Gifts are something, that literally induce joy and merry in young and old. In 2019, family arose as one of the most important pillars that came into being. From influencers small and big to celebrities and reality tv show stars, from front rowers rising up ranks to movie stars intoxicated on nepotism, family was one of the key talking points of 2019.

Here we collate a list of gifts universally appreciated by families. These will also aid you in making a mark this holiday season in 2019.

Gift Sets

Gift sets, a coveted object is only just gaining traction. In autumn winter 2019, as sartorial intelligence soars, it is imperative that your accessories be matched by design, pattern or motif. In this section from RaymondNext, you will find formal and suiting accessories that are versatile. Metallic, a conversation starter, a micro trend or even just something that fills a blank space, these accessories are trending!

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You may have bought various assorted gifts over the years but a sweater always takes the cake. It is very easy to implement the newest on-going trends and styles in a sweater. Its receptivity hugely plays on the plus side of a sweater. So, solid, colour-blocked or illustrated, a pastel cardigan is something always desired by women.

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Playful Jacket

In Autumn winter 2019, the playfulness, authenticity and restraint of men has come under the spotlight. At such times, make outerwear – one of the more visible garments – the focal point of your ensemble. This sure does boost the relationship between the garment and the wearer. But, it also aids in the lack of opaqueness of the making of it.

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Textured Nehru Jacket

If you know the one you’re gifting intimately, a Nehru jacket may just become one of the best gifts ever bestowed. The gentleman in question could be someone appreciative of pastels or someone more fascinated by the bold. A Nehru jacket is a versatile item that can be worn with a half sleeved shirt, a long sleeved shirt as well as a kurta!


A shirt might just be one of the most popular gifts, as well as universally loved item to be received. While size might be one of the most intimate affairs, such barriers are dissolved when it comes to a shirt. Not just that, the versatility when it comes to styling it is path-breaking! A shirt might just accompany your friend to an interview, your dad to a reunion or your boss to an important meeting!

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