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How To Wear Monochromes?

Irrespective of what the forecasts are looking like, whether it’s been shown on runways or street style, monochromes has not left our side like the faithful trend that it is. Each year men make it a point to get monochromes trending like it’s their life’s mission.

So what exactly are monochromes? Attires that are based on a single base colour and then extend to the shades and tints of the same is monochromatic dressing! White-Grey-Black is one of the most popular manifestations of this trend. We’re not saying it needs to be rested, we’re saying there can be more shade cards that can be added to the list! Think Olives, Mustards and Burgundys.

That said, monochromes always need a break, a cut from getting monotonous. These are some add-ons to help make that happen!

Tan Belt

Unless you’re sporting trousers or shirt too close to the colour, there’s no reason not to try it out. A tan belt under a maroon turtleneck that bleeds into a darker, browner pair of trousers would be perfect to create segments. A tan-camel coloured belt is also easier to dress up or down as per conveniences, unlike a lot of other accessories!

Structured Messenger Bag

At time monochromes effectively are akin to sporting ombres or a gradient especially if the colours are cloudy. This might lead to a blurry, hazy, watercolour effect. To avoid this from happening, opt for accessories that are sharper, crisper and call for attention with a texture or fabric change. Between a briefcase for everyday work and a messenger bag, opt for the latter in a structured form.

Collar Accessories

A metallic gleam is always a good offset when monochromes become too heavy! It brings colour, shine, and a change of texture with it, thus avoiding making the monochrome ensemble look too flat. Join a global uprising and make collar accessories such as lapel pins, brooches, chains and collar cuffs your regular ones!


As said previously, it’s important to check your monochromatic attires from getting monotonous. If your feel like it’s starting to get two dimensional, you know it lacks the brilliant splash of textures. At times when a suit jacket would make you really overdressed, a cardigan from the same colour family is the perfect balance between over and underdressed.

White Sneakers

Is there anything better than white sneakers under formals to cut through the clutter of generic work wear suits seen everywhere? Yes there is! White sneakers under monochromatic formals cutting through the clutter of generic work wear suits seen everywhere! White sneakers for men introduce a sense of freshness, youth and agility, making them look very attractive under a pair of formal wear.

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