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How To Recycle Your Sherwani

Seasons will come and seasons will go but a sherwani is forever. That’s literally how it feels when it comes to the ornate, ceremonial, super heavy garment. A sherwani seems to never lose its lustre, its fabric never thins and is also always in trend.

What do you do with such a heavy garb after you’re done wearing it in all different crowds possible? Giving it away seems excessive and just having it lying around is no fun. Try these hacks to get your sherwani to change its course!

Like a jacket

If your sherwani kurta opens up with front buttons, try and get it extended from the tailor right till the end. He might cut a strip or two depending on the cut of your tailor, add buttons, and you’re good to use your old sherwani like a jacket. You can even ask your local masterji to create an asymmetrical cut at the helm, much like the trend these days!

Make it half

If your sherwani jacket is too long making you look overwhelmed and overdressed at all time, this is a sure fire way to elongate its life cycle. Take the sherwani top to the tailor and have the bottom half cut off, making it the length of your shirts and shirt kurtas. This will make it look elaborate and ornamental, yet short and crisp.

Turn it sleeveless

A completely out of the box way to revive an old sherwani would be to simply cut off its sleeves. Wear it over a shirt that belongs to the same colour family or another plainer kurta. You could even turn the sherwani into a royal and regal looking Nehru jacket with this hack!

Embellish it

Another way to completely change the look and feel of this elaborate garment would be to add embellishments to it. This though can only be done if it is a little devoid of those to start off with. So, if your sherwani was cream in colour, you could add a lace of rust or gold on the collar. Cuffs, sides, and helms are more areas to add and experiment with sequins, laces, embroideries, and other work.

Style it differently

If you’re used to pairing your jewel green sherwani with cream churidar, try it out with a mustard yellow pair, or a silver one even. It is all about keeping your look relevant to the current trends, seasons and festivals.

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