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The Only Secrets You Need To Maintain A Modern Curly Mane

A curly haired head is one of the two kinds. The other one features hair that can bend, straighten and spike at your convenience. And this one, curls and swirls as per its own. The latter is unruly, unyielding and functions only as per its own.

A curly haired mane might be one too aplenty in India, but one that’s as artistic as Naseeruddin Shah’s or Rana Daggubatti’s is seldom known. So gawk as you may at a curly haired man, but he is the one who has received wisdom.

Shampoo sometimes

A shampoo may or may not always be the getaway to the most perfect curly haired mane. And that is why it is so tricky. Curly haired heads, ensure you always stick to a moisturising shampoo; ALL SEASONS INC. While you may wash your hair more than once a week, don’t shampoo your hair each time. That would just dry your hair and do more harm. Once a week shampooing is enough to get rid of the build up, grime and dust on your scalp.

Condition always

Whether you decide to shampoo your hair thoroughly, only wash it with cold water or co-wash it (only wash it with conditioner), a conditioner is always a must when it comes to accessories that are stand by. Always condition your hair in small quantities and ensure it’s the last activity you perform on your hair. Never apply it to your roots and always make sure you wash it off, for fear of inviting an oily scalp.

Oil frequently

A man performs multiple activities and produces multiple theatrics in a day. This is enough for your hair to develop a personality of its own and create a furore when it comes to rebelling at the oddest times. Oiling your hair at regular intervals, ensures blood flow to your scalp. In short, your hair will behave itself for a day.

Serum seldom

A serum has never been on the high-list of the products I recommend. But a serum that’s played with once in a while, turns over a whole new leaf. The only thing a curly haired man needs is a coin shaped dollop of conditioner mixed with a drop or two of baby oil. As good as beating a serum, applying this on roots will make sure your hair is taken care of.

Acid rarely

In your regular routine, you might be used to the presence of a shampoo, a conditioner, and a serum that says more about your theatrics than your sobriety. However, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one such acid that needs to be mixed with a bowlful of water and applied straight to the scalp. It will get straight to the point, and cleanse your scalp off all build up.

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