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The 6 Fashion Resolutions You Need For 2020

Fashion resolutions are one of the many ways to have fun in a new year. If you are stuck in a funk where your wardrobe is concerned, consider this an intervention. These 6 resolutions have been crafted keeping in mind classics, the current trends and the must-haves in a man’s sartorial journey. So scroll on and shop now!

Pantone Colour Of 2020

We’re at the end of the decade, and out political-economic-environmental climate seems to be getting volatile. With that in mind, the hue this year needed to be something that instills ‘calm, confidence and connection’. Classic Blue, was the colour chosen for its solid foundation that allows us stability and dependability. With Pantone being the authority on colours, wearing more Classic Blue seems an obvious vow.

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Trouser Trends

Are you someone who’s got absolutely fed up of seeing mankles everywhere. What are mankles, you ask? Men + Ankles that are shown off in trousers that cut off shorter than expected and taper more than necessary are mankles. The cut took the world by storm in 2019, but has thankfully decided to rest in the coming months. Men will finally wear straight cut trousers, and so should you.

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Print Attack

What do the shirts you wear say about you? Are they any distinct from the ones your colleague, two cubicles down wears? Do they say anything about your personality? No? Strange! Clothes maketh the man and yours need to be more an extension of your personality. So go forth, and experiment more with prints that talk such as paisleys, foliage, floral, chintz, and such than just stuffing shirts with different coloured and sized check pattern.

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Investment Portfolio

When it comes to a man’s wardrobe, there are so many investment options. From a watch to sneakers to leather accessories, the list is endless. However, the first and foremost investment needs to be a good suit. A good suit with a flattering cut will lend you a spring in your step and make even the dullest of evenings sparkle. This needs to be on the must-invest list of every man young and old!

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In our everyday hustle, we get so entrenched in our routine that we barely look outside the proverbial box. To switch things up a little, be more mindful of collars cuts and sleeves. Collars such as Granddad, Cuban, Mandarin, etc will be a fun experiment! While staying true to your formal form necessary during office hours, these fashion resolutions still make you come across as someone with fine attention to detail.

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Influencer Steals

What was the biggest yet most overlooked trend from all the influencer posts we saw this year? The trend that instantly makes you looks like you stepped out from the pages of a glossy? It’s none other than Ombre shaded formal shoes! If there’s only one accessory you would change in 2020, make it this one.  Ombre shaded shoes have a way of making you and your entire outfit look like goals. Isn’t those the kind of fashion resolutions that everyone wants?

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