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Your Secret Santa Cheat Sheet

The end of the year brings with it all kinds of mixed sentiments. We take stock of the year that passed us by, the changes we underwent, the people we had to let go of, the happy memories we welcomed, and overall hoped that we changed for the better. It’s all bittersweet really, as the passage of time usually is.

One thing though that we all unequivocally agree upon is that Christmas is the happy highlight in the twilight of the year passing by. The sheer joy of gifting and giving, while being surrounded by cozy clothes, toasty treats and beloved family and friends is unparalleled!

But what if familial camaraderie and inside jokes, were replaced with formal acquaintances and polite colleagues? With Christmas celebrations shooting through the roof, Secret Santa has become a popular end of year game, played in many companies, teams and departments.

A game based on picking names off a chit, it’s entirely possible that you may get a person who you do not know very well. So, as your friendly neighbourhood blog, we’re helping you put together a cheat sheet for Secret Santa for snowflakes you don’t know very well.

Gift Sets

Your easiest bet after a gift card, gift sets come in varying shapes, sizes and assortments of things. This is also a good way to shower more than a single item on your snowflake, and in a budget! Gift sets can sometimes hold a pocket square and a tie, a pen and wallet, a wallet and belt, and such. Filled with functional, practical gifts, you can adhere to latest trends in this one, while giving your snowflake something useful.

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Who doesn’t love a cozy jumper? It’s comfortable, warm and assures you of a good time. Since it’s the season of chills, treks, late nights and bonfires, this is a gift that will be really well received in a secret santa exchange. Shop a jumper in shades you’ve seen your snowflake wearing, so you don’t go wrong.

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Graphic Printed Tee

Even without a quote, a graphic printed tee is something that makes a statement. With a dash of colours and designs, a graphic printed tee is something you can have in massive number resting in your closet. Perfect for various occasions, if your snowflake is a laidback person, you know this graphic printed tee is what they’re looking for!

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I assure you, cufflinks is a gift that you cannot go wrong with. In fact, you might just be considered someone with fine tastes and preferences. Cufflinks is an accessory that a lot of men skip, but makes a world of a difference. They come in various designs too such as fabric, metallic, pop cultural, tweed, gem stone studded, etc. Try and pair one with the personality of your snowflake and you’re good to go. While cufflinks are unisexual, you can also experiment with belts & wallets.

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White Shirt

Does it get any classic-er than this? a white shirt has been and continues to be the epitome of dapper dressing. So, gifting one as a Secret Santa is sure to get your snowflake excited! Unisex in its right, the white shirt is best bet for days when you don’t really want to rack your brains for your outfit of the day.

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Lapel Pin/Tie Pin/Brooch

Another highly publicized accessory on Instagram and Pinterest is suit and tuxedo accessories. Apart from pocket squares and ties, these would include lapel pins, tie pins and brooches. While instantly elevating your three piece, these will ensure you look polished, put together and like you really did make an effort. Isn’t that the whole point of dressing up!

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