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Dressing Up For Dates Made Easy For Men

Dressing Up For Dates Made Easy For Men

Dressing Up For Dates Made Easy

Have you gone out of your way to dress up for a date and ended up looking like a not so real version of yourself? Have you tried experimenting on a date before, only to feel quite unsure of your choices once you reach? Has your date ended up at a location you were completely unprepared for, even as you navigated how to not look completely out of place?

Well then, read on, because this one’s for you!

Long drive + Drunches

A long drive has a lot of excitement in store for the parties involved, the driver, as well as the passenger. It’s peaceful, adventurous and spontaneous. Which is probably why its appeal as a date idea hasn’t faded since the car was invented. A long drive date can end up in anything you want, this time in a drunch!

Outfit idea: Shirt + Chinos + Shoes

Dinner Date

A concept as old as time when two persons would join hands to munch together, might have got diluted over time. This makes it imperative for you to maintain an old school charm and try and get the basics of dressing up right. Starting this Valentine’s, don’t make your date feel like she has to put in all the hard work to look right. Step up, and do your thing.

Outfit idea: Shirt + Trousers + Casual blazer


There are either two kinds of a couple. A match made on a mountain, where they both love the great outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and all that comes with it, or a match made on the couch. No judgment, but if you’re the former, you might want to up your game from the formless sweat pants, ratty t-shirt and smelly shoes you’ve got yourself into.

Outfit idea: Polo t-shirt + Shorts + Sports shoes

Home Date

Coming to the latter kind of a match, there are many date ideas that originate from the couch. But the win is when those ideas keep you exactly on it. Netflixing (& chilling) is one such. However, that’s not to say that you can choose to wear dreary clothes and get away with it. Netflixing and chilling has evolved as an advanced date form and deserves clothes that tell the tale.

Outfit idea: Boxer shorts + T-shirt + Boxer shorts

Gaming Arcade Date

Straight out of 80s when gaming arcades first hit the malls, these dates are known for bringing out a spate of our emotions. A healthy dose of competitiveness, fierce victories and sour losses later, a gaming arcade date is something that never gets old. Take your date here to freely scream at each other, and to get some hi-fis and stickly sweet nicknames from the other.

Outfit idea: T-shirt + Denim + Shirt

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