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5 Modern Series That Give An Insight Into How We View Women


An adolescent girl made roofless by people and circumstances is accused of lying about a violent crime. As her detectives arrive at an ugly juncture, a series of similar crimes begin to rock the city.


A British drama fraught with emotion and violence, takes us on a ‘Nordic Noir’ styled journey of a police detective, showing us how resilient a woman’s mind can be. Somewhere down the road a child killer is at large.


Standing for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, this Primetime Emmy – Comedy nominee, centres around out of work actresses and misfits of Hollywood from the 80s, coming together for a shot at stardom full of spandex and sequins.

Orange Is The New Black

Needless to introduce, OITNB is a dramedy set in a fictional, minimum restraint federal prison. Based on Pieper Kerman’s memoir, it tells the tale of a protagonist and her life as she’s indicted in a crime that happened 10 years ago.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The idyllic and elegant life of a woman from the Upper East Side, New York in the 1950s is turned upside down by ambition and the discovery of a talent. Watch her navigate the nightclubs, cafes and drunken alleys.

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