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5 Desi Movies That Are An Eye Opener On The Gender Gap

Movies are meant to be entertaining, three hour respites from our personal existential crises. They’re also heavy on literary and artistic liberties combined with a cute dosage of science fantasy and technological fiction.

Once in a while though, a movie is released that takes from certain realities of society and shows us mirrors from some far off land. A reality that none of us had an inkling about. While showing us what happens in neighbouring homes behind closed doors, cinema liberates us from our own shackles and allows our mind to see and hear things that help us change and add to our feelings, moral compasses and opinions. 

Here is a list of 5 movies that showed us alternate realities and made us aware of the mammoth amount of work that needs to be done to bridge gender gaps.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

4 women from differing stations of life, age groups and backgrounds, based in a small neighbourhood in Bhopal have one thing in common. Find out what happens why they try to take the reins of their love, ambition and sexuality in their own hands.


A premise so simplistic it could happen to anyone of us. A girl’s fiancé breaks off their wedding, leaving her to prepare for her life to change in more ways than one. A lesson on the role a family can assume during such a time.

Dear Zindagi

A movie, which finally holds Indian parenting accountable, as the protagonist struggles in her every day, career and relationships. A perfect ensemble comes together for an unconventional treatment of a very common Indian endemic.


The first to feature an atypical relationship in a mainstream Bollywood movie, Fire disrupted Indian dialogue like never before. It showed us the grace of love born under less than ideal conditions while telling us that women can be the chauffeurs of their own desire.

Nil Battey Sannata

A movie starring the effervescent Swara Bhaskar as a househelp, is a single mother to a sullen daughter appearing for board exams. The story takes you on a journey revealing how social standing is not an apparatus in changing lives and dreaming big.

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