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5 Home Improvement Projects You Can Undertake Right Now

We’ve all seen the pictures, the videos, the endless DIYs! From rustic to shabby chic, ornamental to minimalist and art deco to art nouveau, we all have home décor or home improvement projects that are very dear to us. These are the one that will bring us one step closer to our dream home. However, these are also the ones we keep putting off till the very end.

Since we’re all truly quarantined at home with not much to do, let’s begin with these. After all, this time isn’t going to pass itself!

The Wine Bottle DIY

The wine bottle DIY is something all of us have thought of as our miniscule contribution towards upcycling. With bottles in excess and at al never ending supply, you can have as many trial runs with these as possible. You could cover them with twine, papier-Mache them, embellish them in sequins or paint them a pastel matte. The wine bottle DIY is easy, fun and will make your space look spruced up and tidier.

Pillow Cover DIY

We all have scraps of fabric lying around the house. And if not, we definitely can lay our hands on an old yet not-worn out dress, t-shirt or top. A pillow cover is easy to make and does an amazing job of bring a place together with a thematic colour or design. Not just that it’s perfect to take care of unwanted fabrics that would’ve ended up in the trash anyway. Try making hoops, sewing buttons, attaching bows, tassels or lace to your covers for a brownie point.

Make macramé

If you’re a beginner to DIYs and you google macramé, chances are you will get intimidated and shut it down. However, we did a little digging around, and found out that macramé pot holders are some of the easiest to make. All you need is some rope lying around and you’re good to go. A few knots in the right direction will make your home resemble a rustic cabin in the woods and give your succulents a new home.

Shells & Pebbles

We all have these little tidbits that we’ve stored at home, telling ourselves we will use them when the time and DIY are right. Shells, pebbles, ice-cream sticks, are a few things found in every craft drawer ever. Make use of these finally, stick them on mugs and vases and further use them as toothbrush holders or stationery pockets!

Deep Cleaning

Another thing we rue about the most is the lack of time on our hands when it comes to cleaning, cleansing and dusting. Especially now, when the pollution levels are low and dust isn’t as bothersome as before, use this time to do the before mentioned. Deep clean closets and pack the ones you don’t need. Cleanse the kitchen, rearrange if need be, and pack and redistribute spices. Use fertilisers and manures and rehome your plants. Grout your washroom tiles and take care of your washroom hardware.

These might be little things but go a long way in making your home look uplifted and enriched!

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