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10 Ways To Have A Smashing Birthday In Lockdown

10 Ways To Have A Smashing Birthday In Lockdown

birthdays in lockdown

Lockdowns are clearly an absolute must in pandemic times. And while we must do all we can to stay home, it doesn’t stop us from feeling bad for the Aries and Taurus people. For people who have their birthdays falling in the lockdown phase is, understandably quite gutting. So, we compiled a list of quarantine activities you could do, AND ENJOY even during this isolation period.

Cook Them A Meal

Of course, the most obvious one! By meal we don’t mean the same old fare that you eat day in and day out. Try a different cuisine, build a three-four course meal with suspense, plate your dishes, and bust some tunes. You could also pick a spot in your home other than your dining table, hang some ~luxe~ bedsheets in the backdrop and enjoy a decadent meal for two.

Mocktail Making

Heard the idiom – ‘my milkshake brings all the boys the yard’? Well, this tells us how important (m)cocktails are. So, if cooking bores you, try this quick hack to eliminate boredom. You could try competing with your spouse or a family member and ask others to rate you. Read masterchef for mocktails. Think rosemary, crushed ice, orange peels and so much more!

Bring Out The Board Games

A lockdown doesn’t discriminate between old and young, everyone gets afflicted with boredom the same. So, take this time to raid out that kiddy closet, lay your hands on some board games and gather the fam! Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Jenga, Card Decks, Cards Against Humanity, will prove to be some of your best companions!

Bake Together

There’s nothing like the sweet aroma of vanilla muffins or butterscotch essence in the air to really ease the ‘birthdays in lockdown’ pandemic stress. Play some upbeat jazz, gather all your commodities and your partner, and open up that oven you’ve been planning on for weeks! A quick batch of muffins, cookies and cakes is on your way.

Thank Essential Workers

Our essential workers are doing all they can to maintain normalcy in our areas. So get those packs of ready to make sweets (think quantity such as Gulab Jamun, etc), together with your birthday person, and distribute it as a thank you in your areas. Birthdays turn infinitely more special when it comes to expressing gratitude.

Treasure Hunt (within the house)

You could also choose to bake by yourself, and leave a little trail of clues for your birthday person to stumble upon! Hide your clues with real life references around the house and get the celebrity to find them all. You could have additional tasks, truth or dare questions, or even a shot waiting for them after every clue they’ve passed.

At Home Spas

Since venturing out and getting a couple’s spa is not an option anymore, this could be your way to get your partner or a loved one feeling relaxed. God knows we could do with more of that! So, assemble your tools, (a cleanser, cotton, icepack, body scrub, loofah, body mask/pack) and get your venture rolling!

Self-portrait Spree

It’s important to maintain a sense of normalcy in this pandemic, so we don’t end up completely losing it. And documenting it all is an aspect of the same. Don’t end up miserable on your birthday. Say thank you to your family, friends and everyone who wished you. And more importantly take the time to document this weird time (read: birthdays in lockdown) in our history!

Join A Course

Not only does this make for a great birthday gift that doesn’t need you to venture outdoors, but is also perfect for when you want to enjoy the gift with them. Birthdays in lockdown made amazing by courses such as DJing, jewellery making, embroideries, machine learning, learning python, Green mythology and what not! With the number of courses and variety available online, choose a pick and get started.

Teach An Art Class

While taking classes online with notes and everything seems fun, you could also take this time to turn teacher. Pick a thing you’re good at, and teach the birthday adult some moves. It could be a song-dance choreography session, a reconstructing of a masterpiece, a language you’ve been trying to learn! Go crazy with ideas and your person will have a great birthday!

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