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The 5 Ingredient Breakfasts That Will Change Your Life

Even the non-foodies amongst us will agree that breakfasts are literally the king of all meals! Whether you’re into conscious eating or treat life like an all-you-can-buffet, the power of breakfasts is unbeatable. With an almost 8-10 hour gap between your dinner and waking up, your mind and body is rearing to go. Well with the provision of the right fuel, of course!

With the lockdown in place, masterchefs can be found everywhere! These 5 ingredient quick breakfast (hey, salt and sugar don’t count!) will allow you to own your first meals, while also being quick enough to immediately start your work days!

Pumpkin Pancakes

The fluffiness of pancakes literally makes it feel like eating a cloud, which is precisely how your day needs to start! We thought turning pancakes a little healthier never hurt anyone. So, boil pumpkin first (keep the seeds aside), cool it down and turn it into a mash. Mix these ingredients till you get a smoothie batter. You could also add some butter and curd for the right consistency. Add sugar and salt as per flavour and spread dollops over your pan.

Love these with: Honey and Mashed Potatoes

Ingredients: Pumpkin squash + all-purpose flour +milk + eggs + baking soda

Boiled Egg Sandwiches

One of the best and easiest things to make, rest assured this one is truly is as delicious as we’re hyping it to be. Boil eggs, mash them, add finely chopped spring onions and chillies, and add some salt. You could add pepper too. Finally, add some garlic mayo, to get a spread like consistency. Layer it on a soft bread, make a sandwich and voila!

Love these with: American Mustard and BBQ sauces.

Ingredients: Boiled egg + Spring onion + Chillies + Garlic Mayo + Bread

Veggie Sandwich

We usually consider a veggie sandwich to be filled with spiced potato mash with the usual capsicum and onions. This time we’re switching things a bit. First in a pan add oil/butter, spinach, mushroom and garlic. Add salt to taste (in that exact order so we don’t burn the garlic!). And instead of white bread, try layering this on Rosemary bread for a riot!

Loving these with: Fresh cream fried walnut, grilled chicken

Ingredients: Rosemary bread + Sauted mushrooms + spinach/kale + butter garlic + salt

Healthy Yogurt Smoothie Bowls

If you thought that was easy, prepare for a breakfast of the lazy champions. This power packed mix is enough to turn your day merry and constructive. Take your preferred quantity of yogurt/curd/hungcurd. Add a fistful of muesli, some dry fruits. Add in chopped seasonal fruits for good measure. You could also add a handful of seeds such as chia, sunflower, or pumpkin. The cake of the party though is the two spoon full of coffee powder, that will give you life for the rest of the day. We get that avid coffee connoisseurs might not find this in the best light, but you could switch yogurt smoothie for a milk of your choice.

Ingredients: Yogurt smoothie + muesli + dry fruits + seasonal fruits + seeds + Coffee

Crackers & Cheese Slider

We’ve all fantasised about diving fun first into the breakfast menu rather than nutrition. This will work on the days you feel like selling it short. This is the classic crackers and cheese gone indie. Butter a bun, and add lettuce. Top with a layer of crackers, followed by roasted tomatoes and cheese. And that’s basically it! You could add different greens to it such as Rocket Leaves or Basil.

Loving these with: Olives, Salami, and Mustard sauce

Buns + lettuce + crackers + roasted tomato + cheese


Salads are usually depicted as the boring sides we have to live with. With this one, we tried a bold, fun and modern version of that! On a base of lettuce and basil, we mixed apples and oranges, some roasted walnuts and feta cheese. A dash of salt, lime and vinegar will further entice you to try this at the earliest!

Loving this with: Croutons, Tossed Prawns and Mint

Lettuce + Basil + Apples + Oranges + Roasted walnuts

Chocolate Sheera

Yes, it was life changing for us too! The recipe of a normal Sheera includes having to roast the semolina first. Followed by a some more roasting in the presence of ghee. Once the semolina turns golden, you know it’s time to add some water while it reduces to a beautiful thick lump. Add some chocolate powder to this mixture, and you bet you have a bowl full of chocolate sheera for the taking.

If you want a more fudgey texture, make the chocolate sauce separately with milk, cocoa powder, water and dark chocolate and it to the roasted semolina while cooking. And add nuts to for the garnish.

Ingredients: Semolina + ghee + milk + water + drinking chocolate

Microwaved Omelette

In a very large mug whip an egg and add finely chopped spring onions, bell peppers, cheddar cheese and a tablespoon of milk. Add salt and pepper. Microwave it for 30 seconds before stirring it again for 30 seconds more. Repeat the process for another half a minute, and your microwaved omelette is ready to be wolfed down!

2 eggs + spring onions + bell peppers + cheddar cheese + milk

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