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The 5 Forms Of Work Out To Start A Storm This Lockdown

We as humans are forever in the quest to seek the deeper meaning of life. Every day has to be an extraordinary story, a tale we live to tell. This pandemic led lockdown, especially, has become a catalyst for a majority of us has taking up little hobbies and activities.

A bunch of us is finally working on their own website, some are learning a new language, a few have even taken to baking. But, the most popular activity seems to be at home work outs. And why not! With no commuting to be done, people are finding time out of their days to actually move their bodies. Whether it is for an hour or even half, working out is a great way to get that heart racing, let off some steam and shave off some frustration.

Well, where can you begin? Here!


Tabata movers believe that long cardio workouts places a strain on your muscles and eventually results in damaging them. On the other hand Tabata invites you to do fast paced exercises for about 20 seconds each with a 10 second break between each of them. These exercises can be done in a set of 8 to 10. Tabata is an excellent catalyst for burning fat and encourage calorie burn even after working out.

While there may not be a specific dedicated channel to following Tabata routines, you can find some great videos online. Featuring a range of 8-10 exercises, these are great for starting out and being undertaken in an ever changing combination.


One of the 6 schools of ‘Astika’ from a Hindu philosophical traditional perspective, Yoga is a series and group of spiritual rituals and breathing techniques combined with the age old know-how of the inner workings of our body. Dating back to pre-vedic Indian traditions, Yoga probably arose around 3000 BC. Yoga practices lead to a discovery of the dysfunctional within you, while increasing and improving body agility, core strength, muscle tone and metabolism.

If you so wish, there’s abundant material online to guide you in this quest. Find the type for you that works the best basis your circumstances and get started!


A relatively millennial addition to the list of workouts, Zumba is an exercise-fitness-dance programme that focuses on dynamic body movements. Originating in Colombia, the rhythms in the routine does take inspiration from various dance forms such as salsa and cumbia. The music ranges from hip hop, tango, samba, flamenco or what your instructor is most comfortable with. Zumba routines last for an hour and are said to burn anywhere between 300 to 900kcal per session.

One of the most enjoyed work outs, Zumba has a huge fan following. If you look, you will easily find instructors taking free online sessions in varying intensities.


Pilates is a form of exercise mostly undertaken by patrons to shake metabolism, ensure postural alignment, improve core strength and focus on muscle toning. The exercises use breathing as a form of technique that enhances muscle performance during exercising. Pilates, due to being a low impact and low intensity form of workout requires a sustainable effort on your part. When done correctly and with continuous effort, Pilates greatly helps in alleviating muscle injuries from your lower abdomen to your ankles.

With Pilates being a popular form of exercise in the West, you will find a whole ton of tutorials on Youtube lasting almost a half hour. You can also assimilate your own Pilates exercises once you’ve gone through what it offers.

Floor Exercises

I believe floor exercises to be one of the most sought after workouts out of all. These are easy to understand, with lesser rules, lesser commitment but more familiarity. These exercises need a yoga mat, running shoes and probably no guru once you’ve mastered the postures. Burpees, crunches, lunges, high plank, skip rope, squats are some of the most commonly known exercises. While you can keep adding variety to your sets, there isn’t much to learn, mimic and move forward in with this form of workout.

We have the most data available online for these. You can perform these in the greens near or surrounding your dwelling if you can so afford it. Not just that, these are also perfect to start off with especially if a) you haven’t been working out in a while or ever, b) you are still contemplating the kind of workout you wish to commence.

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